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Collaborative Separation

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The collaborative separation process provides you with the opportunity to resolve the legal aspects of your separation in a more civil and respectful way.  There is no “going to court” during the process and no threats of going to court. Any agreements that you enter into are voluntary. It is the only legal process that has adopted the philosophy of “do no harm” to you and your family.

You and your separating spouse will have an opportunity to fashion an agreement that is right for your particular situation and your specific needs. In this process, each spouse is represented by a collaborative lawyer. Where appropriate, you may engage the assistance of collaborative professionals in the fields of divorce coaches, financial advisors, and child specialists. You, your spouse and the collaborative professionals assisting you work as a team maximizing your chances of a crafting a successful and durable result.

The collaborative process is very often a much healthier and less expensive alternative to going to court. Talk to us today at 778.440.3588 to see whether this is the right process for you.