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The Family Law Act

September 2012

British Columbia’s new Family Law Act:

• Firmly focuses on children by making the best interests of the child the only consideration with respect to decisions involving children;
• In appropriate cases, encourages out of court resolutions of family disputes through separation agreements, mediation, arbitration and through the assistance of trained parenting coordinators;
• With respect to situations involving violence in the family, creates a new protection order that, if breached, will be a criminal offence;
• Attempts to ensure that children maximize their time with both parents by creating a variety of remedies when a parent doesn’t or refuses to comply with the time the other parent is given with the children; and
• Divides property with a view of improving fairness when spouses separate (both married and now, common law couples in a “marriage-like” relationship of more than two years).

It is fundamental that you consult with a lawyer now in the event that you are living in a common law relationship in order to properly address various matters that will profoundly impact your life should your relationship fail.

If you are in the process of separating from your partner, knowledge is power. We will be pleased to provide you with a consultation to make you fully aware of both your rights and obligations on the breakdown of your relationship or to provide you with strategies as to how you can protect your assets in the event of a future break up.

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